Chicken Fillet Rolled Rawhide Chew Stick for Small Breed 36pcs.
Rawhide chew short stick is rolled with delicious chicken fillet meat. Ideal for small breeds. Helps dogs keep teeth's health and relieve stress by chewing
Economy package (36pcs. = 18pcs. X 2 packs)!

In March 2013, we have launched 5 new products such as;
Super small sized Chicken fillet chips ideal for small breed and senior dogs
Economy pack of well-selling Roasted Sweet Potato
Pollack Surimi Stick for cats
Cats' favorate Crispy Roasted Sardine
Dried Seasoned Kawahagi Stick for cats
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Chicken Fillet's snacks are of high protein and low fat and healthy for dogs!
Fresh and high quality Chicken Filliets are rolled various snacks.
Natural taste and nutrition from fresh ingredients available in these healthy snacks
Low salt treats for dogs' and cats' health!
Rawhide chew with milk flavor helps dogs relieve stress by chewing
Petit size cookies made from high quality wheat flour, ideal for small breeds
Cats' favorites are cooked into delicious treats!
Feed your dogs with variety of delicious snacks