Renda Foodstuff Co.,Ltd. have been producing and supplying pet food and seafood products to large companies in Japan for more than a decade. Our products' top quality and reliability is verified by reputation and experience in Japanese market.
All the products are processed strictly under the HACCP & FDA standards, that are worldwide standard for food sanitation and safety.
Our factories have obtained export license to EU as well as ISO9001 approval.@@

Renda Foodstuff Dandong Factory   Renda Foodstuff Dalian Factory
HACCP Certificate for Dalian Plant HACCP Certificate for Dandong Plant ISO9001 Certificate
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In the '60 NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) started the Hazzard Analysis and Critical Control Point System to avoid serious hazzard by controlling all critical control point and to take measures once some problem found.@@Nowadays, HACCP is widely used and adopted as the method of controlling the safety of Foods.

FDA (The Food and Drug Adminitration) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and is responsible for regulating food, drugs, cosmetics, veterinary products, etc. in the United States.

Enacted in 1987 by International Organization for Standardization on product and service quality management. We strictly execute ISO 9001 management system, go through the audit of non-government organization, We are trusted by wide customers.
-----ISO organization-----
Participating countries: 138 countries
Permanent member: 18 countries ( Japan is one of the permanent member)