Products' concept

The following graphs show the feeding rate of small breeds and the rate of the senior dogs of 2006 in Japan. As you see, the feeding rate of small breeds (weigh less than 10kg) is 71.5%, and the rate of senior dogs
(7-year-old or older) is 42.7%.

Products are made into small size, appropriate for the mouth of small breeds.
For examples;
・Well-selected small sized fish series
・Easy-to-eat petit size cookies
・Chicken fillet meat snacks made into small size suitable for small breeds

To promote health of senior dogs' intestines, we have variety of products made from sweet potato, which contains plenty of dietary fiber.
・[Sweet Potato Bar 200g]
・[Chicken Fillet Rolled Sweet Potato 360g]
・[Roasted Sweet Potato 200g]
・[Crispy Cookie Sweet Potato Taste 400g]